What is Crossfit?

Cardiovascular Endurance

Exercises and workouts designed to condition the heart and lungs, improve endurance and overall stamina

You will get fitter


We use barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells for increased strength, power and speed. We also use weights to improve cardio

You will get stonger


Encompassing all bodyweight exercises from squats to pull ups to rope climbs. Improves strength, coordination, flexibility and yes, cardio.

You will be more mobile

Our Tribe
We train together, we suffer together, we prosper together
What we offer
There is a place for everyone

Fitness & Health

Do you want to get super fit and feel prepared to tackle any physical task?

Do you want to improve your health markers and become more resilient to illness?
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CrossFit Competitor

Do you want to enter some local competitions, or aim your training to compete in the open, or to compete at a Sanctional?

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Do you want to increase your longevity?

Is your main aim to stay active, look after your joint health and improve your overall fitness?

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Kids Health & Fitness

Are you conscious of how much kids sit down during the day? 

Do your kids like to jump, climb, tumble, run, skip, throw? 

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What they say about us

I had heard CF Swords had a great reputation, but from the moment I stood inside the door I could understand why. From the start, I was made feel completely welcome. There were no egos, everyone gets on really well and it wasn’t long before I started to get to know everyone.

Rory Thornburgh


Training has never been so enjoyable for me – going to CrossFit Swords is by far the best part of my day every day. With excellent coaching and a very well structured training programme, I have come a long way in a few short months achieving things I haven’t been able to achieve for YEARS.

Sheila Connell


I train here, my husband trains here, my son trains here and my daughter trains here! It’s part of our daily lives and we wouldn’t want it any other way

Gillian Keogh

Meet our team
coach jamie


Head Coach

A big fan of coffee, dogs and things in straight lines



Loves thrusters but cant handle a flat white, is he even human?



Beard game is strong with this comical one



The professional juggler, noone knows how she does it all!



The young gun, mature beyond his years



The educator, well able for a room full of messers

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