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Why train at Bua?


Your health is
our priority

That starts with moving well and moving often

We want to help you build the lifestyle
habits that will support your long-term wellbeing


Real-world fitness to meet
all of life’s demands

Our team has been helping people build new fitness capacities for decades

Our daily workout provides a new fitness challenge, every single day

We love to move, and we love to make progress


We are social animals

We train in groups because it’s more rewarding,
more supportive and more fun

Showing up every day is so much easier
when you’re among friends

Where to find us

Santry - Naas-Newbridge - Celbridge
Dublin & kildare

Joining Crossfit Bua was the best thing I ever did! The facilities and coaches are top class. I never felt out of place as a beginner as all the members and coaches were so encouraging. Two years later and they'll never get rid of me