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#8 Going From Client to Coach

How do clients turn into coaches?

This week James Rankin is joined by Bua’s very own Sheila Connell.

Sheila takes us through her journey from joining CrossFit Swords having hated and even avoided exercise, to becoming an integral part of the community, to now working as a Coach in CrossFit Bua.

Enjoy this weeks episode crew.

We are actively hiring at the moment for coaches and interns

Our internship is a 12-week programme designed for aspiring coaches who would like to build a successful career in strength and conditioning. We will work directly with an intern to give them maximum exposure and practice in the role as a CrossFit coach in a professional gym environment. 

At CrossFit Bua, we work hard, build relationships, and strive to create a place where people can grow. We are conscientious  in everything we do because people’s health and fitness – both physical and mental – depend on us.

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