Monday 3rd February – Friday 7th February

The first benchmark of 2020

If you have never been in Bua for Benchmark week you are in for a treat, sort of! This is the week we test our fitness, our health and our longevity through a series of tests and workouts that we will repeat 3 – 4 times a year.

Benchmark week is designed to give you a cornerstone on your health and fitness at that point in time. It gives you something to base your next 3 months of training on and something to aim for in the not to distant future.

The tests include a variety of deadly workouts and heavy lifts that the coaches have choosen as good tests of general fitness and strength and some ‘games’ to test Longevity. Your aim is to PR the workout or set your baseline if you have never benchmarked before.

Other tests during benchmark week will include body composition tests using the InBody and blood pressure and blood glucose levels which are all indicators of overall body health.

Fitness testing goes on all week but health markers testing only takes about 15 minutes and you can book in with Sarah Ann in reception or via

Be proactive, avail of the testing, it costs you nothing except a drop of blood