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EMOM 24a. 4 Thrusters, 5 sec pause overheadb. Restc. 4 Thrusters, 2-fer-1’sd. Reste. 8 Thrustersf. Rest Want to make thruster workouts feel easier? Start with improving your movement mechanics, finding position and timing. Then make the movement stronger. That’s all here today. The heavier you can do these variations well, the easier the next thruster day will feel.

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Running on Empty

A. For Time:30 Deadlifts (102.5/70kg) (Rx+:142.5/100kg) 3 minute time cap B. For Time:On the 5:00Run 400m3 minute time cap C. For Time:On the 8:0050 Wall Balls (20/14lb, to 10/9ft target)(Rx+: 30/20lb)3 minute time cap

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Full House

For time:100 Medball Cleans50 Push Ups100 Sit Ups50 Down Ups There is not a huge amount in your way today. Progress through the reps is only stopped by discomfort. How fit you want to be is dictated by how much discomfort you are willing to put up with. Every time you stop, remind yourself of that, and ask “Can I handle a little bit more?”

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