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EMOM 24a. 4 Thrusters, 5 sec pause overheadb. Restc. 4 Thrusters, 2-fer-1’sd. Reste. 8 Thrustersf. Rest Want to make thruster workouts feel easier? Start with improving your movement mechanics, finding position and timing. Then make the movement stronger. That’s all here today. The heavier you can do these variations well, the easier the next thruster day will feel.

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Dead Man’s Chest

4 Rounds for Time:15 Deadlifts (90/60kg)15 Cal C2 Bike15 Push Ups Rx+: 15 Deadlifts (125/85kg)15 Cal Assault Bike15 Burpee over Bar Here’s a challenge today. Can you keep rest periods below 10 seconds today? That may mean breaking earlier on the DL or push ups, but keeping the rest period as short as possible will definitely get you fitter today. Keep it below 10 and you’ll find intensity.

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Running on Empty

A. For Time:30 Deadlifts (102.5/70kg) (Rx+:142.5/100kg) 3 minute time cap B. For Time:On the 5:00Run 400m3 minute time cap C. For Time:On the 8:0050 Wall Balls (20/14lb, to 10/9ft target)(Rx+: 30/20lb)3 minute time cap

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