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Turbo Transitions

Amrap 147 Cal Ski7 DB Thrusters 7 Cal C2 Bike7 DB Thrusters Rx: 2×22.5kg/15kg Staying unbroken should not be an issue. Avoiding long rest periods while you’re transitioning won’t be quite as easy. The shorter you keep the transitions, the more fitness you are building. Keep deciding to move at the end of every set.

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Cash or Card

Buy in: 50 Sit Ups 6 Rounds of:6 Pogo Burpees6 Reverse Burpees Cash Out: 50 Sit Ups Unbroken sets are the challenge to take on. As you do that, executing the movements well is an important part of it. Don’t let them break down.

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Captain Hook

a. 7 Rounds for Time: 1 Hang Snatch 1 Snatch b. 50 Back Squats for Time * Set the load at the heaviest successful snatch today.

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