CrossFit Gymnastics Grips

Very soon into your CrossFit journey you’ll soon find out that your hands get quite the beating. Often the wear and tear endured leads to sore hands, a build up of nasty calluses and the ever feared tearing of those calluses. Soon you’ll invest in gymnastic grips. Your main reason for picking up a pair would be in preparation to tackle a pull up program. Three brands we find to be the most popular are Bear Komplex, Jaw Grips and Victory Grips.

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Bear Komplex

Bear Komplex are an affordable grip for a beginner. They suit someone new to the rig because of how thin these grips are. While this provides protection from the rig it doesn’t interfere with grip strength and makes the bar thicker. They have a comfortable wrist guard which is cushioned for extra durability. The downside to this brand is due to the thinness of the grip they do not tend to last the test of time if you are on the rig on a weekly basis. The life span ranges from 6-12 months. 

Jaw Grips

Jaw grips is another favoured choice and is also reasonably cheap for a first set of grips. They are made from a fabric rather than leather or carbon fibre. This is a durable set of grips that tend to last a very long time due to the fabric it’s made of. They also provide a comfortable wrist guard and feel when being worn. 

The only downside to Jaw Grips would be that they soak up a little sweat mid workout. A small but noticeable feature. 

Victory Grips

Finally, we have Victory Grips. These are a similar price to the others ranging in and around forty euros. Made from a thicker material they will certainly last a very long time but do cause the rig to feel slightly thicker than other brands of grips. This brand is known for selling grips with no holes. A style some people adapt by letting their grip flop over the rig and lock them in. 

The grip we recommend if you have a program that’s programmed to have you on the rig often, would be the 3 hole carbon fibre Bear Komplex grips. Generally, choosing a grip size slightly bigger than what is suggested in the sizing guide is better, as you can create an extra fold in your hand with more material to create more protection as seen below. An ideal pair of grips for beginners. Often priced between 35-40 euros. 

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