General Policy

3 LOCATIONS We have 3 locations, As a CrossFIt Bua member you can attend classes at any location and are free to move around as much as you wish. 

RESERVING CLASS All class reservations will open 25 hours prior to class start-time. Monday is the only exception to this with reservations opening 73 hours (3 days +1 hour) ahead of the scheduled class start-time.

WAITING LIST Classes are capped at 18 in Santry, 16 in Naas-Newbridge, 10 in West Dublin, the waiting list is on a first come first served basis, whereby if somebody cancels their spot in class then the next in line will automatically be added to the class unless this occurs inside the cancellation window.

SELF SIGN-IN All 3 locations run a self-sign-in system at the TVs, please ensure you sign yourself into class, open gym or extra work. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask your coach.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS Cancellation window for AM classes is 8 hours prior to class start time. PM classes is 4 hours prior to class start time. if you cancel your reservation inside the cancellation window you will incur a strike. 3 strikes in 1 calendar month will result in a €20 fee. 

NO SHOW Failure to show for a reserved class will result in an automatic €20 fine. You will also be charged this fee if you turn up for class but fail to sign in. 

SILENT EXTRA WORK is booked through wodify and the same booking rules as a class apply, there are 3 spots available and there is strict guidelines in place, talk to any Coach for further details.

ARRIVAL Please arrive early for class. Hand sanitiser is provided at reception.  Please wear a mask at the reception area and in changing rooms or chill out areas.

BELONGINGS Please do not bring your bags onto the gym floor. Please leave all bags and coats in the changing rooms. Cubby holes can be used for keys, wallets, water bottles, jump rope and other small items. Please do not leave any belongings in the gym overnight. 

INBODY MACHINE is our body composition analyser located in Santry. You should do this when you first join and at benchmark week. Talk to Sarah to book an inBody appointment

DROPPING EQUIPMENT Please do not drop empty bars, bars with 5s or dumbbells from overhead

CANCELLATIONS to cancel your membership we need 7 days notice prior to your next payment date. Outside of special circumstances we do not offer refunds or transfers. To cancel please contact Sarah at

MEMBERSHIP HOLDS Each member has two membership holds available per annum for a maximum of two weeks each. All holds require 30 days notice. Contact

TRIALS are always welcome at CrossFit Bua. If you know someone who would like to trial, please book it through our website

TEENS & KIDS Please see CrossFit Bua Child Protection Policy

PRICING & DISCOUNTS We keep it simple and straightforward by offering only one membership. Unlimited for €160. We do however offer discounts to full time third level students