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“Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”

– Albus Dumbledore

In this weeks instalment of JamieCoachingJamie, Jamie ponders over Help

Asking for it

Giving it

Applying it

And using other peoples need for help as a form of applied self analysis on how he himself seeks and gets help.


Asking for help is a sign of strength and confidence, yet it can feel like you are showing weakness.

You are not a burden if you ask for help

You are not imposing if you ask for help

You are not needy if you ask for help

Asking for help makes you far more capable than the person who doesnt ask for help.

In Bua you are surrounded everyday by successful people from all walks of life. You are surrounded by experience, expertise, knowledge and a huge will to help. Our community is there to support its members and if we cant help you, you can be guaranteed we know someone who can.

You only need to ask

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