700g!!! we are upping our intake to 700g this week

10 things you may not know about vegetables

#1 Dying your hair with beets is a great way to add a temporary red tint without chemicals

#2 Cucumber skin can remove pen from paper if you make a mistake

#3 Mushrooms have their own immune system

#4 Hold a slice of bread in your mouth to avoid crying when chopping onions

#5 Eating a large amount of carrots can turn your skin orangey

#6 Corn is a grass

#7 Potatoes were the first plant grown in space

#8 Brocolli was once considered ‘exotic’ in home gardens

#9 Eggplant is known as Crazy apple in Italy as they believe a diet rich in eggplant leads to madness…

#10 You shouldnt use aluminium utensils when cooking cabbage as it distorts the flavour and colour

Now go get those 700g!